In the 21st century, digital networks will become a fundamental infrastructure of our society. We will see the rapid development of smart devices with built-in chips, related software and development tools, all of which will soon be indispensable. A case can be made that digital advances will help determine the future of industrial development in Japan.
Electronic displays are already playing a vital role as an interface with advanced electronics technologies. As the flow of information grows more sophisticated, the applications of these displays will span the breadth of industry, economics and society, becoming a ubiquitous addition to the daily lives of people everywhere.
Just as with cellular telephones and PDAs, the integration of chips with display devices is producing new market leaders in every field. The results of this technological merger will be the focus of increased attention in the future.
It is against this backdrop that the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) will hold EDEX 2004. In addition, by holding SEMI FPD Expo 2004, sponsored by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), concurrently with EDEX 2004, the organizers aim to establish a specialty exhibition providing opportunities for industry experts to diffuse state-of-art information.
By publicizing the latest technologies, the fair will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the system LSI and electronic display industries, as well as to the development of electronics technologies. In this way, the fair will make a valid contribution to society as a whole.

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